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Our Approach

We, Lara and Leão, have created a pioneering approach to accelerated spiritual transformation based on our own direct experience and application of revolutionary multidimensional teachings.

There is no greater liberation in this life than remembering the truth of who we are and why we are here. We are committed to doing whatever it takes, to serve humanity to the greatest of our ability, in this pursuit.

Our content is a trailblazing contribution to spiritual literature, aligned with our mission to help expand global consciousness and create heaven on New Earth, 5D Gaia.

Our revolutionary LoveLight Ayahuasca approach results in clearer, calmer, lighter experiences, as well as more direct, accelerated and permanently embodied expansions of consciousness. Our higher frequency focus reduces risk of re-trauma and additional negative karma, whilst supporting faster trauma integration and a more joyous spiritual journey.

Be it with ayahuasca, or in any other infinite way, the spiritual path is one of conscious exploration, discovery, movement, action, and adventure.
Now is the time you get to be the lead star in your own Hollywood blockbuster, with the entire universe gleefully watching, loving, and supporting you…..…it is an epic in the making!

We are all “God”; we have just forgotten.


Our Focus

Modern Sacred Texts

Recently channelled to aid and accelerate the global ascension process, these books clearly explain the True multidimensional nature of reality in more congruent and cogent detail than any other written material on this planet.

Twin Flame Relationships

Romantic relationships are one of the greatest catalysts for spiritual evolution and divine remembering on the physical plane. Understanding the multidimensional mechanics of these soul contracts can save much heart-ache and be a more direct path to enlightenment.

Ayahuasca TRUTH

In our free to download E-book, we examine a variety of traditional ayahuasca practises, offering high frequency alternatives in their place. This book is also an in-depth analysis of how ayahuasca works multidimensionally in conjunction with the path of spiritual evolution, ascension, and enlightenment.

Joy is the New Teacher

The change of humans’ predominant spiritual catalyst from being pain, to that of joy, is one of the greatest, practical, and overarching themes of this ascension era.

Pain was the past professor; joy is the new teacher.


‘This was THE MOST SIGNIFICANT Experience of my Life’

During one of our most beloved experiences at LoveLight Community so far, the wonderful Aleana had divine insights and breakthroughs like NEVER before (after journeying with Plant Medicine multiple times).

Take a look and see what this beautiful young woman has to say about us 💛